When Starting out on the road to healthy eating, for yourself and for the family, it’s important to dispel the myths that surround Eating right and Eating right is not about expensive meals or exotic foods; it is also not about extreme deprivation or the latest diets. Eating right is about eating the right foods, in the right quantities at the right time to sustain our bodily functions. I will share with you five principles for healthy eating that you can apply in order to reap results of health and longevity, and even weight loss. Remember, YOU are what you eat.

Principle No. 1:- Have the right mind-set.

A lot of people think that eating right is expensive… or time consuming… So they don’t bother to make the effort. We must banish this mind-set. Just think… if you are unable to devote the time and resources right now to eating right, you will spend time and money curing ailments that you inflicted upon yourself through repeated abuse of your body. Quality of life matters as much at the length of our days.

Principle No. 2:-EAT REAL FOOD.

Here’s my definition of real food “If your food has a mother, a father, or came from a tree, it is considered to be “real”. If you are unable to identify the direct ancestry of your food, chances are it has been processed with additives, chemicals, and is considered FAKE food, very likely of no nutritional value. Cutting out processed foods from your daily diet is a giant step toward eating right. Your body will thank you for it.

Principle No.3:- EAT THE RIGHT QUANTITIES (aka portion-control)

Eating the right portions is unique to each individual. Your body knows when it is full. Try to stop eating before you get to the point of fullness, because by this time, it is already too late. Imagine that your body was a vehicle, and you pumped it full of gas at the filling station… once it is full, it only makes sense to turn off the pump. When a vehicle is filled up, and you keep the pump on, the excess spills all over the floor, and is wasted. In the human body, this excess accumulates as fat in your muscles and organs. It also creates a blood sugar imbalance which can be a precursor to a pre-diabetic condition. Eating until you are 80% full ensures you do not load up your stomach, distend it, or wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Too much of anything (even healthy foods) is bad.

Principle No. 5:-Drink lots of water

Water is crucial for bodily functions. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. The smallest dips in our hydration can cause problems with our liver and kidneys. Dehydration disrupts normal digestion, and weight loss. Make it a habit to drink up to 1.5 litres of water daily, especially if you are active.