Why You MUST Have a Distinctive Solution System

One of the most important things to happen to me in my career as a business strategist (Aside from meeting awesome people like Janet Switzer, Glenn Dietzel, Brendon Burchard, Fran Kern, Jay Abraham, Dan Sullivan and mean old Dan Kennedy) was the discovery of the power of building a business around a distinctive solution system.

Now just in case you don’t know: a distinctive solution system is my fancy term for your unique step by step process for solving a definite problem for your target market.

It’s what helps to position and differentiate you from your competition in the market place.

A favorite example I like to use is Steven Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people.

Many of us here mistakenly think that Steven Covey’s career was launched by the book of the same title but the truth is he was teaching the seven habits long before the book ever came out.

The seven habits have become the basis for a highly profitable training, consulting and coaching business.

Now there are loads of people out there teaching leadership and productivity in one form or the other. But If you want to learn the seven habits of highly effective people, there’s only one authentic source: Franklin Covey.

That system automatically puts the company in a category of one without any real competition.

Here in Nigeria I see a lot of people jumping into the training, coaching and consulting business.

But 3 years down the road their business is either struggling or dead because they try to be everything and all things to everybody and anybody.

In order words they don’t have a definite distinctive solution system that effectively positions them in the mind of a specific market.

Here are 5 reasons why you must have Distinctive Solution System as a basis for your business as a coach, consultant or trainer in Nigeria:

  1. Clients LOVE systems.

Having a step by step system for solving a definite problem convinces your clients you understand their problem, and you have the solution completely figured out.

But beyond that it puts the client in a position where they believe YOU are the solution.

Your clients want fast results and shortcuts to solving their problems.  Having a Distinctive Solution System provides that.

With a system, you’re simply telling them that you’ve already done the work for them, you’ve figured things put so they no longer have to stress themselves with finding answers.

  1. Your Distinctive Solution System sets you apart in an overcrowded field.

If you are in a crowded market place, a Distinctive Solution is the PERFECT way to set yourself apart, and be unique and different from everyone else offering your type of services. Your system is – as we say in Nigeria – “the very thing” that builds your brand in this business!

  1. Having a Distinctive Solution System makes it easier to sell yourself and your services as a coach., consultant or trainer.

Whenever you present information in an organized, step-by-step, easy-to-follow and easy to understand format, clients quickly understand it is you offer.

But even more important, it makes it easy for your to start conversations when you are asked the question that all beginner consultants, coaches and trainers dread: WHAT DO YOU DO?

With a distinctive solution system you can easily turn the conversation into a sales opportunity without being offensive.

For instance before I created my own Distinctive Solution System: The VIP Branding Process, whenever I was asked that question I would mumble something like I’m a consultant or I’m a business coach.

And almost instantly eyes would glaze over and that would be the end of it.

But once I got my Distinctive Solution System together, I started focusing on the results of the system.

Here’s what I now say when I’m asked what do you do?

I teach and help entrepreneurs become high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their field…. Would you like to know more about that?

See the difference?

Time and time again this starts a conversation that gets me hired.

  1. Your Distinctive Solution System can be packaged and sold at different investment points.

From just one Distinctive Solution System, you can easily create three or four more income generation opportunities different price points.

This helps to boost cash flow or what my friend Edward Esene (A leading expert on SME financing) calls avoiding feast or famine situations transitions.

It makes it possible for you to help a lot of people without compromising your fees and get your work in more impactful way.

  1. A Distinctive Solution System gives you instant credibility.


When you see people who have created a unique and packaged solution to a key problem, how do you view them?

Think of Sam Adeyemi with The Daystar Leadership Programs, or Steve Harris with his Life Strategies Program or Toyin Omotosho’s Quick Crazy Cash System and of course my very own VIP Branding Process.

I don’t know about you but I admire people who organize their creative genius into a package that will solve definite problems.

Without fail, every system I’ve invested in has helped clarify for me “what” I needed to do to move my business and life forward.

People will look at you in this same way, too, when you offer them your expertise packaged into a system that will help them.

And, you’ll get more business from them, too, because once a person invests with you one time, there’s an 80% probability they’ll invest again.

So, start creating your client-attracting Distinctive Solution System that provides a step-by step solution that solves an urgent problem your clients will happily pay for, and provides you the opportunity to add lucrative, multiple streams of income into your business, increasing your cash flow and income.