Knowing these simple tips will help you upgrade your style knowledge but applying them will definitely take your style from 0% to 50%. These tips you are about to learn will help you avoid making simple style mistakes every time you get dressed.

So let’s start from the top.

*Sun glasses – stylish men know that your sun glasses should come of your face once you step into a building. That’s why It’s called sunglasses, remember? So it’s expected that when you are indoors it should be removed. It’s not stylish to wear one in a room.

*Never wear a tie and pocket square with same color or pattern. You want to coordinate your accessories and not match them. Wearing same tie and pocket square is a no-no for a stylish man. It screams ‘I am a rookie in the matters of style’. So what should you do when you have to wear a tie and use a pocket square? Coordinate, you can use floors that complement or dame color but different patterns or prints.

*Bow tie- Every gentleman should have and wear a bow tie every once in a while. Bowties make a statement and are conversation starters. Wearing one will always make you standout; you can never go wrong wearing.

*Ties and lapels- always match your tie and lapel width. If you are wearing a fat or wide lapel blazer then you should wear a wide tie and not a slim tie, same applies when you are wearing a slim lapel jacket. You want to do this to create balance with your look. Remember looking good and stylish is also about balance and proportions.

*Tie knot to collar size- If you are wearing a wide collar shirt, your tie knot should also be wide. If you are wearing a shirt with a small collar, it’s best to have a small knot for your tie. You don’t want to do the opposite, it will make you look awkward and that wouldn’t make you stylish.

*Don’t wear dress shirt un-tucked, because dress shirt is made for convenience and comfort, hence the extra length. If you untuck your dress shirt to look cool and create a casual look, you will eventually come across as trashy. You can untuck your casual shirts or tailored shirts that have no tail, but don’t untuck a dress shirt. It’s meant to be tucked in always; it’s too long to be left untucked.

*2 button suites- when choosing a suit, opt for a two button suit, it never goes out of style. Make sure you always leave the last button loose; you don’t need to button it. It makes a statement for you as a gentle man. If perhaps you have a 3buttton suit or a double breasted suit, same rule applies. Leave the last button unbuttoned.

*Dress belt and shoe should match in terms of color and finish. Don’t wear a black dress shoe and wear a brown belt on it or a leather black shoe and a glossy black belt. No, Don’t! You should dress like a man.

Stylish men always match their dress shoes in terms of color and finish.