The aroma in the place was not typical of a food spot. Yes! food spots have a characteristic scent. It was obvious that this was not going to be a regular food expedition; not for me at least.

The warmth of the people, particularly one of the workers who met me at the door on arrival, gave me insight into  the organizational culture of the people at Chef Gregor’s Place, situated in the heart of the Uyo metropolis above the famous Root Hub.

That tantalizing aroma didn’t make it seem like I had been waiting for the famous Chef Gregor for over 10 minutes. She was busy in the kitchen where all the magic happens. It was evident that this is one lady who puts time and elegance into what she does. I was further astounded when she came out and it turns out we’ve  actually met before, though not officially (eh, lemme famz small).  She was an active member of a Youth  Intercesorry Group I was a part of in my younger days called Seed Royal Squad.

Seyene Gregory is an amazing chef with a passion and heart for her craft, a warm yet very focused and disciplined young woman. She was busy attending to  orders and catering for her numerous clients while efficiently multitasking (giving me her time).

My most memorable  moment was when she  finally  brought out the food. I literally felt my stomach sweat as the food was laid before me.

The presentation was one to behold, the arrangement of the different components of the meal a sight to to die for. She made the Akwa Ibom famous Afang soup and the widely adored Okra Soup to go, with assorted meat, fish and the likes, to create the level of obstacles her numerous clients love.

Sincerely, I was happy just beholding the splendor of these amazing soup chiefs from the Southern part of Nigeria, as I didn’t have a taste of either of them.

Make certain to visit Chef Gregory’s food spot at Root Hub or Already Building when next you’re in or around the city of Uyo. I’m a foodie and I can’t apologize for my love for these cravings from the South.

My expeditions continue as I pray to at least have a taste of the meals on my next stop.