These style tricks will make you stand out.

When building your personal style as a man, most times it’s very easy to focus on the ‘big’ items like jackets, shirts, trousers etc.

The big guys/items that are more visible and obvious.

Unknown to us, most times we tend to forget the little things, the details, the not so big and obvious touches, the hint of color there, a little contrast there…… that actually make us stand out.

So as a gentleman don’t ignore the little things because with them you can make little tweaks to your wardrobe that can separate you from the crowd.

-Dump those boring Black socks and wear something colorful.

-Take some risk, use some contrast in your tie or belt. It will make you memorable.

-Change your eyewear, to something that goes with your face shape and reveals more personality. It will make you stand out

-Take a bold step, try other colors of shoes and shades too. Not every time black.

-Use pocket squares on your Jackets too.

Accessories up level your look anytime any day
The little things matter too !

What little things do you incorporate in your look that sets you apart from the crowd?