4 Fun things to do this holiday season

Hello people! Watagwan?

Its two working days of no work, two days of just chilling and not being bothered about what time you get out of bed, or what time you get to bed.

Great feeling right? But come to think about it, when was the last time you really something fun without the thought of work? When last did you really just have fun?

With this in mind, let’s dive into 3 fun things you can do indoors in Lagos during this “not so long” holiday.

1. Have friends over for a barbecue. The holiday is probably not as long as you would have wanted it to be. However, why not have friends come over, have a few drinks and properly grill some chicken, turkey or fresh fish to go with it.

2. Catch up on shows with friends and family. Who has time for TV series or movies when so much of life is happening? There’s no better time to catch up with the latest shows or even watch a good movie or two on TV with friends and family during this mini holiday. Please do grab your remote and keep your eye on Big Brother Nigeria.

3. Go gaming. And no! You don’t even need to step out of the house for this. All you need do is get games like Ludo, Ayo, Monopoly, Scrabble and have fun playing with anyone at home.

In the midst of all these fun activities, remember to catch up on sleep, guys. We really don’t get enough sleep on this side of the world. So do yourself some good by getting enough shut-eye to ensure you are well rested when work resumes.

These things may look so normal and regular, but doing them with friends and family this season and create a lot of memories that would last a lifetime.