Get in here guys. Who else feels like their salary isn’t enough to do the hundreds of things that one would really love to do?

So recently, I did a bit of research into what other things I could do to earn some extra income and live that babe la diva life and I thought to share.

1. Hair sales: Come on girly! Every lady you see now can’t do without a wig or a weave. One easy way to make some extra cash while still doing your 9-5 is to buy a few hairs, add some profit to sell and boom…your side hustle has started.

2. Natural hair products: Every lady now wants to rock their natural hair and would go to any lengths to make their natural hair look like the best thing you’ve seen. Though this requires a little research and passion so if you aren’t ready for that, you could simply outsource it. But this right here is a perfect side hustle to start while still doing your 9-5.

3. Perfume oil: just know that people will buy this one; everyone wants to smell nice at an affordable rate.

4. Social Media: this one isn’t for everybody. This is for the creative minds that would love to earn some extra income by the side, and do you know what’s great about this? You can do this anywhere and everywhere even while on the move.

What side hustles are you currently doing, and how has it been so far. Please tell us on here.