I woke up to my phone wishing me a happy independence day from MTN, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Guys here’s me actually thinking we are 60 years of age, but oh well, it’s been 59 years of doing this thing called democracy with its many ups and downs and there as just a few things we as Nigerians should be grateful for even though things aren’t going as we all wished they could go.

1. The togetherness on social media: No jokes guys, but this is one thing we should be ever grateful for. Have you noticed that when things come to pull us down and make us question our existence as Nigerians, someway somehow, we bring out the humor in it and laugh about it like the situation got nothing on us?

2. Peaceful climate: guys have you listened to the news lately of erosions, volcanoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes? If you have, you would sure be grateful for the peaceful climate and the peace of sleeping with your eyes closed with no fear of environmental disaster.

3. Love: On a more serious note people, the love we share here in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. You have no idea what it feels like to live with people you can’t comfortably run to when your salt, Maggi or even matches get finished. If there’s one thing we are blessed with, it is with neighbors, friends,and family who genuinely love us even when we mess up.

Happy Independence day fam! What are you most grateful for as a Nigerian?
Please tell us in the comments below.