3 Things Every Nigerian First Born Child Can Relate Too.

If you are a firstborn in the building, please signify by liking this post and commenting on it, so we can know ourselves and drink to our not so very famous and popular position in the family.

Being a firstborn child in an African family comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities. Like expectations of you making the best and most suitable life decisions and all that that requires the grace of God and dedication and not some form of family position.

If you by chance or by mistake happen to be the firstborn child in a proper African home, then you must be able to relate to things I am about to write here.

1. Experimental/ Test Child: I am going to use myself for a major example here, most of, if not all firstborn kids are usually experimental/ test children. They are the kids used in testing and experimenting with what parenting truly is. Either with naming, training and all whatnot.  In my case, I was more of an experimental child in the name-bearing section. While my other siblings were given very tush English names and lovely native names, I was left to live with an unattractive native name, and worst still, no English name. When it came to upbringing, I felt my parents were just unnecessarily strict with me as I can clearly see my siblings get away with things I could have been killed for. Things like sharing a bike with a guy, coming home late from even a church service and even speaking or chatting with a guy on phone.

2. The leader child: Hmmm, by force leaders were every first womb escapers responsibility. if you can’t relate to being a forceful leader, then you probably don’t have proper Nigerian parents cause from a tender age of nothing, you are expected to look out for your siblings like the president looked out for his nation.

3. Your property is public property: This should be the one thing every firstborn child finds annoying. You are expected to share each of your belongings with siblings even when deep down in your heart you don’t feel like it.

I know there are a lot of things I didn’t write down here, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you help us with somethings you can relate with as a firstborn child. None relating zone for last born kids 😜😜