4 Date Ideas for New/Old Couples

Time to get all mushy and lovey-dovey. Who doesn’t love to love and spend time with their loved ones?

We know dating requires a lot of work and a lot of thoughts, and two people coming together to decide that no matter what happens, they are sure going to make the best out of their dating lives with their partners. it is usually advisable that couples create an event or something that brings them together physically, emotionally and mentally cause as life happens, we sometimes forget what’s important and get carried away.

In a bid to stay in touch with life and that of our lovers, we could run out on date ideas, not cause we don’t care, but cause we feel there are limited options for us to choose from, that’s why this blogpost would be revealing to you some dating ideas to try out with your better half.

Home Movie date night, this date idea is a lovely one that not always ends at the movie, this would bring a touch of the movie, play, discussion, and some good loving. One trick to enjoying this moment is getting yourselves some form of snacks and drinks to munch on in-between. The first thing to note while planning is to pick a movie you both would love to see, make sure while discussions come up, they aren’t discussions that would make you quarrel on past issues and don’t forget to add a touch of romance to this, make sure to turn off the lights.

Spa date, hmmm, a little spoiling won’t hurt, after the stress of the world, going on a spa date with the one you love to get a full body massage is one way to enjoy each other company and relax from the stress and busy-ness of the world.

Game Night with a few friends. This doesn’t require only you, it requires the company of your friends and their spouse. Aside from creating an intimate bond with your partner which doesn’t require physical touch, it also helps in building stronger bonds with your friends.

Road Trips are better when done with the one you love and care about the most. One good thing about a road trip is that you spend some personal and un-interfered time with your spouse. This allows for you and your spouse to talk about anything and everything without the fear or caution of been interrupted.

Tried any not so regular date ideas with your second half, please tell us in the comment below. Until we see you on our next post, just know that I am taking a long trip with my very own Yoruba sweetheart.