4 IG Women Who are Slaying their Baby Bumps.

If you don’t know the other name for pregnancy is called baby bump, then you are sitting on a very long thing and I can’t start to explain how long the thing is.

We are way past those days when people made pregnancy look more like a disease or a curse than the actual blessing that it is. Yeah, we know that no two pregnancies are the same but here are some women that have/ are changing the pregnancy narrative.

The first one on the list would be no other person that our ever Laura Ikeja Kanu. This woman is currently rocking this pregnancy like it got nothing on her, from her dance videos on heroes to her videos of her running around. One thing I think has been her recent secret to not so kidding her bump would be her recent love for the black outfit.








Next on my list would probably be this sweet lady by IG name @jessicaseth_ she made pregnancy look super amazing and flawless plus she also looks super young, and rocked her baby bump in every way possible, from how she rocked her bump  in jumpsuit to some lose maternity dress and how she made wearing skin  fitted dresses look amazing even in pregnancy.








Our number 3 on the list would be the CEO of Nouva Couture. She has made being pregnant look good on a swimsuit. @thebolajiayinde rocked her baby bump like no other would, she flaunted it in this picture of her on a black swimsuit like being pregnant has nothing on her.








Last but not least, our number 4 slaying prego will be our mama 2 beautiful girls, that’s what I call her. She has made lots of women scream my ovaries, @dike___varotine this mama of two pretty internet sensation kids be giving us a thousand and 50 reasons to take in, she flaunts the bump so effortlessly and rocks them well on any outfit.








Who do you think rocked or is rocking pregnancy so well, please tell us in a particular order of the first name mentioned being the best rocker.