4 Types of Cab Drivers you would Meet on the Taxi Hailing Apps.

Get in here people, how has life been and what’s been going on?

Well for me, a lot has been going on and one of them should be my endless, very tiring and not so beautiful experience with some Uber/Bolt drivers.

Don’t get it twisted ooh, there are great drivers out there, but there are just a few types of Bolt/Uber drivers we would come in contact with and trust me you must have met one or two of them on different occasions.

1. The never know route drivers: These once would be the first on the list, they aren’t really the most annoying once, but they never know the route. It’s either the area isn’t their familiar route, or they’ve never visited this place, as their route is either the mainland or the island even with the help of the google map. 

2. The cashless policy: guys am I the only one who gets angry at these sets of drivers, or do we all get angry at them. These sets would never take you once you tell them it’s a card trip. It’s like them and card trips are enemies and can never come face to face. They would drop off the call once they ask madam, is it a cash trip or card trip?

3. The talkative: Hold up guys!!! I took a cab simply because I needed my calm and privacy, if I wanted to have some discussions with some random people, I would have simply just jumped the bus and listen to people frustrate the living life out of me with their talks I care less about.


4. The cool calm and collected once: okay, I am about to sound confused here, but guys sometimes we just need that stranger who we would pour out our heart with. These set of drivers would never have a discussion with you. The only type of conversations or talks they would ever have with you are, ma I am outside, can I start the trip ma or do you want the music and AC. See in as much as I really don’t want some strangers having some random talks with me, sometimes, I just want to feel like I am in this world with someone and not a robot that was designed to just take me to my destination.