3 Ways to Style Your White Shirt.

Hallo people!!!

How’s the week coming along? I come bearing some fashion tips and tricks to styling that white Tee you probably didn’t know you could wear in a thousand and fifty ways.

A few days back, I was hit with the shock of my life when  I tried doing some declutters to know what and what I didn’t have in terms of fashion wears and piece, only for me to find out I had almost 5 white Tee’s I had never explored rocking in a fashionable way than just the regular girls jean, white Tee, and slippers.

Well, this post isn’t to tell you the boring ways I have been rocking my white Tee’s but to show you other ways I have discovered to rock the white Tee.

On a Short: this can be either a shorty short or bikers short. There are tricks and tips for wearing this. You can either rock it with a pair of heels, sneakers. Adding a little twist or African touch to it, you can add a touch of African inspired headgear.


On a Skirt: there’s this classy vibe that comes with wearing a white Tee, on a shirt and you know the best part of it is wearing it on a fur skirt or netty skirt. You add a little edge to this, just like Obis Ora, pair with it a waist purse or heels or you could add a twist of sneakers to it.

On a pair of trouser: these are regular, but aside the normal pencil jean you would normally rock it with, you can use the mamas jean, or the boot cut jeans.


One thing I like about this is that you can rock it with heels, sneakers or sandals. Then if you wish to add an African twist, you can use the African inspired headgear, face cap or a beach cap.


With a pair of blazer: No matter how you chose to rock your white Tee, you can make it more professional by adding a jacket or an overside blazer to it, but please, do not try on a skirt.

What other ways can we rock our Tee’s to bring out the best in them? Please let us know in the comment below cause we are still learning how to rock it.


Photo Credit & Models: Laura Ikeji, Lola OJ