What Does Being A Woman Feel Like To You

Have you ever wondered what life feels like in the shoes of a woman? In lieu of celebrating womanhood in this special month, Sese Africa asked an unexpected question ”What Does Being A Woman Feel Like To You?” and these women had these to say.


I feel like being a woman is a very complex thing in today’s society where you would hear “you are doing too much,” “you are achieving too much,” “you’re saying too much,” and at the same time, people have the perception that woman are meant to be strong, tolerate things. A lot of these things are toxic and we keep seeing women settle when they are in relationships or settle for less and let people treat them in any kind of way. I also feel like stereotypes have done a lot to women in this day and time. You are expected to be strong, yet not so strong, outspoken, yet you are told you are speaking too much, successful but not too successful. Women have to go the extra mile and put in the extra work before they are considered worthy.


Angel Cookey

Personally, being a woman feels very good with a sprinkle of stress and so much expectation from the society on me. The society expects so much from the woman yet little or no support, ranging from parenting, house welfare, down to societal exploits. Being a woman to me is very challenging, but then very amazing. We are a blend of everything…we bring to existence and nurture to excellence, we build, guide and so much more. In my opinion, the world would just have never been beautiful without a woman.

Utibeima Essien

Being a woman feels like a being special person to me. I have so much emotions as a woman, and I am controlled by these emotions, not because I lack logic but I chose to let my emotions take control sometimes. I have the inborn ability to grow, nurture, care and look out for people and I extend this nurturing ability to my business. Being a woman makes me feel the need to be ambitious. They say “it’s a man’s word” and I just want to fit in. Growing up in a society and culture with so much expectation (be married before a particular age, have children, don’t school too much, don’t buy yourself a car, don’t live alone in the same town as your parents, etc) for a woman is very exhausting.

Ijeoma Ukpai

Being a woman makes me feel needed by everyone. It makes me feel like having everyone’s attention on me. It makes me feel like “a being of necessity.” Although, it makes me feel like I need to do more to earn more power, unlike the male folks whose body building can do that for them. And in the African tradition, just being male is enough for control of power.

Asian Nkutt

I wouldn’t change it, though I wish it were easier, because we all know there’s an inherent bias towards women no matter where in the world you are. As a woman, I get to be a co-creator with God… which’s just awesome. We get to break glass ceilings and the story is so much more beautiful when that happens. It’s amazing, especially at a time like this.

Emem Isaac

It feels stressful and tiring. So much to deal with. I wish you could take a break as a woman.


As for me, to be a woman is more than getting married and having children, it takes self-discipline and lots of encouragement to be among the best and be an outstanding woman. Most of the time, I feel on top of the world seeing the beauty of God in me and when they call me ‘PRINCESS’ but sometimes, I don’t feel good at all because of how some men treat some women all because they are female.

Edidiong Lawrence

It is being so strong but having to act weak because of society. It is having to be less expressive because of morals, constantly fighting battles; be it holding up a marriage, keeping a home, grooming children, or trying to get a degree. The 21st century has probably made life easier for women by “trying” to create leveled platforms for both genders but there is still subtle discrimination. For every time you want to give up, you remember that you are a life-giver and it helps you forge ahead, no matter who calls you the weaker vessel. This is just a negligible fraction of what it feels like to be a woman or just be female.

Blessing Jimmy

We have more favors, things work in our favor.  Oh yes, in my next world, I will still be a woman…just the stress of monthly period.

Grace James

Being a woman is a lot. There is family already defining your life for you, without your consent. Society is usually the worst in these issues. You would always get silenced with the term “because you are a woman.” You are just a rubber stamp in the society. We constantly have to fight to stand out and be exceptional. In all, it’s a beautiful thing.